[postlink]https://rockertube.blogspot.com/2014/12/japanese-psychobilly-disco-completo.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReSNNd-EoSIendofvid[starttext] 1=ノイロウゼ / 仏滅兄弟のテーマ
2=Mad Mongols / Hallucination
3=Doctor Blood / Halloween
4=Mad Mongols / Crazy Japanese Yellow Monkey
5=Wood Chuck'91 / Facts Of War
6=The Wankers / Rock Around The Jukebox
7=Dark Ages / Getting Me Down
8=Wood Chuck'91 / Chicken Choke
9=Doctor Blood / Je Suis More
10=Jap Kat / Into The Mirror
11=Mad Mongols / Indian Slap Shot
12=ノイローゼ / 妄想ノ宴
13=Wood Chuck'91 / No Stopping
14=HORNET / Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
15=Wood Chuck'91 / Here We Are Nowhere
16=Demonio / Minds
17=SxTxH / Misfourtune
18=Demonio / Rivenge
19=Spiderz / 54's Sneakers
20=Napoleon / Fuck You
21=Wreckin' Babyz / Dead Fish
22=Kelberos / Dog Tag
23=Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Leave Me Alone
24=デスマーチ艦隊 / 筋肉マシーン
25=Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Slap On The Radio
26=Napoleon / Park
27=The Dokuros / Standing Rugger Man
28=Red Hot Rockin' Hood / Fuck You, Fuck Me
29=Spiderz / Human Chop
30=Kelberos / Law
31=Tokyo Skunx / Rustic Bushi
32=Doggy Mountain Bulldogs / Doggy Mountain Top
33=Tokyo Skunx / Pistols Of Colors
34=Red Hot Rockin' Hood / I Hate You
35=Los Rancheros / Pirates Paddy - O
36=Napoleon / Junkie ?
37=Tokyo Skunx / I Fought The Rawhide
38=Dog'gie Dog / Clown Ball Squeezer
39=Banana Shakes / 尚琴
40=Pianoman Antix / Begin The Operation and more ...[endtext]