Lee Rocker - Rockabilly Slap Bass

[postlink]https://rockertube.blogspot.com/2015/03/lee-rocker-rockabilly-slap-bass.html[/postlink]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bAba-JrjQYendofvid[starttext] Since the 1950s, when the Memphis-based rockabilly sound first swept the world, the acoustic upright bass has remained its showpiece and rhythmic mainstay. Lee Rocker, one of the masters of the "new wave" of rockabilly musicians, has made an informative and entertaining DVD that teaches the intricacies of the exciting slap bass style to players of all levels.

Slap bass combines the plucking of the bottom notes with the percussive hits that the palm makes when it slaps the strings against the fingerboard. By adding these right-hand techniques to blues bass lines and arpeggios, you'll create spectacular multi-rhythmic slapping that will stop any show! This DVD also provides valuable tips on amplification, bass set-up and other methods of getting the best possible sound.

Big Blue's hot performances of Goin' To Kansas City, Big Blue Train, That's All Right Mama, The Hucklebuck and Find Another Man illustrate how rockabilly slap bass techniques sound in the context of a live band performance. [endtext]